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About Us

About Us

Sports Development Committee India

We, Sports Development Committee, located in India is a unique, sports committee run by a team of professional working to development youth. Our sports committee is designed to help you, bring the best athlete you can be in your chosen sport. With the involvement shown by the students, participants and players, we transform people to excel in their fields. Be it motivating a toddler towards sports or helping an elderly to get involved in sports. We take the utmost care to bring out the best in people. We motivate and try to bring your dream and passion in real life.

We provide various facilities:
  • A flexible, supportive and “athlete friendly” academic environment.

  • Discipline-based Learning

  • Quality coaching

  • Competition & training opportunities matched to the athlete’s development and potential

  • Sport Science services such as fitness testing, performance analysis, sports psychology and physiotherapy

  • Work Experience and Career Education support and planning

  • A Personal Development program specific to the student athlete


Our Trainers

It helps in developing Self Confidence, Team Spirit, and Mental & Physical toughness.

Pardeep Kumar Foji

Pardeep Kumar Foji

Vice President

Sachin Kumar Bhartiya

Sachin Kumar Bhartiya

President India ( Sports Development Committee India )

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